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"Sick of Being Screwed"? Isn't everyone. You can go to the Better Business Bureau. You can complain to other authorities (when applicable), and more times than not, you are left empty handed. The best way to protect yourselves and others from such things is knowledge. This site is dedicated to bad experiences with companies and individuals in a business transaction to warn others so people will be able to be weary of doing business with companies that have a bad track record.

In conjunction with the standard protocols to deal with such problems, you can warn others here, as well as just get it off your chest. "Sick of Being Screwed" can be a tremendous resource as more people find this site and see to it that people that utilize unfair business practices don't blindly succeed at the cost of others.

"Sick of Being Screwed" is not responsible for what anyone reports on any business. This is simply a forum for people to be heard and they are all individually responsible for what they convey on this site.

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